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10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

Event Venues, when chosen well, can help make any event more convenient and enjoyable for the participants. When many people are planning events and need to pick a venue, they are often at a loss of what exactly to look out for in the venue, and this sometimes leads to them making a wrong choice as some important factors are overlooked.Before you decide on an event venue, here are some things to consider:

Transportation to the venue: Whatever location you choose for your event, it needs to be one that is convenient for your guests to get to.

Before deciding on a venue, be sure of how long it will take your guests to get there and make sure it is easily accessible and not difficult to find.

Location: This is perhaps the most important factor to look out for when choosing an event location. The location you choose needs to be in a convenient area. You can visit sites like Venue Finder to look for party venues Newcastle upon Tyne for example and find the venue most convenient for your location.

Security: When deciding on the location you want for your event, be sure to conduct research on the security of the venue.Make sure it is in a safe location and has proper security measures in place to ensure the safety of yourself and your guests.

Parking space: This a major factor to consider, particularly if the event is holding in a very busy city. Make sure the event venue has adequate parking facilities to prevent your guests struggling to find parking space.

Activity level surrounding the area: If the event you are planning is one that requires some level of silence, such as a wedding, it is best not to pick a location that has a lot of activity surrounding it.

Safety rating: You can determine the safety rating of a venue by looking at online records. These ratings will inform you of the venue’s safety measures taken such as fire escapes and alarms.

Sanitation rating: The sanitation rating of an event venue is very important, particularly if you plan to have them cater the event as well as host it. Visit online record to be sure and avoid venues with a poor sanitation rating.
Amenities provided: When comparing event venues, look out for added amenities which can go a long way to making your party memorable. These include sound systems, seating, special lightings and decorations

Reports by past customers: By looking at reviews form those who have previously used the venue, you can tell whether it is generally a good one, what complaints are common and whether to avoid the venue altogether.

Appearance: This should be considered if you are trying to make an impression on your guests or if you intend to take pictures during the event. It is not enough for an event venue to merely host an event and provide shelter but it should look appealing as well.


Before you choose an event venue, take note of the following factors to ensure you make the right choice and your event turns out to be successful.

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