Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

3 Ways to Style Your Gorgeous Girl-Gang with the Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you the stressed, control freak bride who cannot keep calm because it is her wedding in a few months’ time? Well, it this is quite common because your wedding will only happen once and you would surely want everything to be perfect on this day. This not only includes your bridal gown, makeup, and the decor, choice of venue, or the food but also the dress of your bridesmaids. As you must already know how important the bridesmaids are for your wedding and the kind of errands they will have to run on your wedding, you must also be aware that the responsibility of dressing them up is also on you. Ideally, the bridesmaids are supposed to dress up in a traditional way, all in the same color and same style of gowns. But nowadays, many people are also opting for a mismatched look, keeping to the varying body types and tastes in fashion.

Regardless of whether you choose the traditional or the mismatched way of dressing, you should go for a shimmery and shine look for your girl gang. You should understand that a wedding is a glamorous affair and a lot of bling is a part of it. So, let your girls’ squad also reflect the same sparkle and shine from your wedding. Are you wondering how to add more shine and shimmers to your girlies on your big day? Take a cue from the following sequin bridesmaid dresses. Check these out now.

  • Minimal Shimmer on the Torso

If you are a little skeptical about the bling appearance for your girlies, don’t worry. You don’t have to go all the way sparkle and shine with their dresses. You can also add a hint of sparkle to your regular gown. Pick a beautiful A-line chiffon backless gown with a plunging v-neckline and sleeveless style in a nude shade and a lovely bow and tie at the back. The torso area covering the bust line and your shoulders can only be covered in shimmery sequins of gold or rose gold. Keep the rest of the look minimal with no accessory as such. This will add the right amount of bling to your girl gang and also make them stand out at the same time.

  • Go Glam with All Sparkle & Dazzle

If you are totally fascinated by the idea of sequined gowns, then you should totally embrace this style of dresses. Pick drop-dead-gorgeous body-hugging shimmery gowns in gold, rose gold, ivory, champagne, or silver. It can have a dramatic, overlapping, layered neckline which gives a subtle hint of the fabulous cleavage of your girls’ squad and the body-hugging silhouette of the dress will help your girls to flaunt their hourglass figures. And to raise the heat a little more, these dresses come with a side slit, showing off the long, toned legs. So, there is probably no other kind of bridesmaid dress that looks as glamorous as this. It is definitely your wedding and your crew of ladies should not look any less on this special day, isn’t it?

  • Shimmer & Shine in Two Pieces

If your girl gang is influenced by fashion and loves to look gorgeous all the time, they must be following the latest trends too. So, instead of donning your glam doll fashionistas in the same old traditional long gowns like everyone else, you should try to go for the two-piece dresses this time. For the shimmer and shine, choose to go blingy for either part of the ensemble. If you have a shimmery top, go plain and simple on the bottom and vice versa. For those who are doing the mismatched style, you can dress up two of the bridesmaids with a shimmery top and simple bottom and the other two or three with a shimmery bottom and a simple top.

So, start looking for the perfect place which offers a plethora of shimmery or sequined chiffon, tulle, or lace prom dresses, cocktail gowns, and bridesmaid dresses.

Author Bio: Andrea Hill, a fashion blogger with many articles on chiffon or lace prom dresses and bridesmaid gowns, here writes on 3 ways to style your lovely girl gang with the sequin bridesmaid dresses.

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