Indian Main Course Dishes

5 Indian Main Course Dishes That You Must Try

Indian cuisine is famous all around the world for its taste, spices and aroma. If you want to enjoy spicy Indian food in St.Kitts, you can easily do that by visiting best Indian restaurants in St.Kitts. Even if you manage to land on any of these restaurants, the variety of dishes on their menus are enough to confuse you. To help you with main course, here are five Indian main course dishes that you must order next time you visit an Indian restaurant in St.Kitts.

1.     Chicken Tikka

Chicken patties marinated with traditional Indian Chicken tikka masala can make anyone’s mouth water and top Indian healthy recipe. It tastes even better especially when it is accompanied by yogurt and mint sauce. You will be surprised how quickly it will disappear from your table. It is an ideal choice for meat lovers and a great option for main course as you will feel fuller after eating it.

2.     Tarka Daal

Whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover, you will surely love Tarka Daal as most people do in India. The lentils along with its easy to cook recipe ensures that you do not have to wait long after placing the order. Served with rice or flatbread, Tarka Daal give you the dose of protein you are looking for without compromising on taste.

3.     Gobi Matar

Are you a vegetarian? Are you looking for some vegetarian options on the menu? If the answer to both these question is yes then, Gobi Matar deserves your attention. It is made with fragrant cauliflower and pea and is served with salted yoghurt. If you like spicy food, you can also throw in some chilies into the mix and add more spice to the recipe. Just like any other main course, it will keep you going for long and help you to keep hunger pangs at bay.

4.     Shrimp Curry With Rice

Anyone living near the sea in India knows this dish very well because it is widely popular in coastal regions of India. You can easily find this dish with multiple variations throughout India but the essence remains the same. Prepared with the mixture of coconut milk and famous Indian spices, Shrimp curry will surely bring smile on seafood lovers faces. Do not forget to try this and order it from the restaurant’s menu as a main course.

5.     Indian Pork Curry

Unbelievably, many Indians loves pork and they eat it frequently. If you are one of those then Indian Pork Curry will surely win your fancy. Extremely popular among people living in Goa, it has some historical significance as well. Portuguese, who came to India and settled in Goa, first introduced it. With the passage of time, this dish gained popularity among the locals as well.  If you want to order a curry for main course, you should consider Indian Pork Curry.

Which Indian main course does you like the most for dinner or lunch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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