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5 Things Your Engagement Ring Signifies About Your Relationship

Deciding to get engaged is one of the most important decisions you would have ever taken in your life. After all, engagement is the next step of your relationship – just a little away from the sacred union called marriage. Engagement rings are a token of love that denotes your forever bond with your other half. But, did you know what exactly your engagement ring signifies about your relationship?

Many people wear engagement rings just for the sake of showing off their expensive ring. What they don’t realize is that your choice of engagement ring explains a lot about your relationship. So, don’t underestimate the power of an engagement ring. Take your own time, visit different stores or make use of online portals that has a wide range of engagement rings to choose from and find the perfect one that describes your relationship. If you have already bought one, here is an insight into 5 things your engagement ring signifies about your relationship.

  • Diamond Ring – Importance

Diamond rings have always been everybody’s first choice when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. The features of the diamond ring like the cut, color, clarity, and carat speak a lot about your relationship. The color of the diamond you choose symbolizes the passion, confidence, and power of your relationship. Whereas the clarity signifies purity and defines the flaws, symbolizing how transparent you are with each other. The cut of the diamond defines how balanced you are as a partner. Important of all, the carat of your engagement ring explains how important you are to the other person.

  • Gold Ring – Simplicity

A gold engagement ring symbolizes simplicity. It represents how simple you are as a person and also as a spouse. People who choose gold engagement rings over any other type of ring find happiness in little things. It also means that you are traditional. If you chose gold couple bands for your engagement, then your relationship is bound to be like a modern love story with a touch of traditional notions about various aspects of life.

  • Family Heirloom Ring – Love for Your Family

There still are people who follow the tradition of passing on the engagement rings from one generation to the other. This family rule might not go well with your other half sometimes, but she might still accept it. This shows how important your family is for her and shows the importance of you in her life. Such engagement rings also symbolize family values and heritage. Such relationships are deeper than what an engagement ring can symbolize.

  • The Precious Stones Embedded into Your Ring – Nature and Behavior

The precious stones embedded into an engagement ring say a lot about your relationship. Each stone signifies a different type of relationship. According to horoscope, different gem-stones can have a different effects on your relationship. So, here is what your engagement ring’s stone signifies about your relationship.

  • Amethyst: It represents the power to overcome any odds.
  • Blue Sapphire: This precious stone represents wisdom.
  • Ruby: It represents fortune and love.
  • Emerald: This stone represents luck and fortune.
  • Topaz: It represents emotional balance and joy.
  • 3 Stone Engagement Rings – Forever Bond

Three stone engagement rings represent a relationship that will last forever. The three stones embedded into the ring signify the past, the present, and the future. The stone at the middle of a 3-stone engagement ring, which represents the present, is the highlight of this jewel. This type of engagement ring also represents love, care, and friendship.

You probably wouldn’t have known so much about your engagement ring before you read this article. Whatever type of engagement ring you choose, it will be a priceless lifetime possession. A healthy relationship is the one in which you both respect each other and stay together forever.

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