Amazing and Chic Asymmetrical Bob Cuts

Amazing and Chic Asymmetrical Bob Cuts You Should Try This Year

Asymmetrical bob cuts enhance the lively look of the standard styles, that can further be tailored with waves and colors. The aim of including any asymmetry in the bobs its to meet the desire for self -expression and stand out.

To be successful in meeting such goals, asymmetry in bobs ought to be significant. One side shouldn’t be kept same as the other to be noticeable. The following list highlights some of the best modern asymmetrical bob cuts.

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  • Sharp Choppy Bob

This is a low maintenance asymmetrical bob cut that is chic with tousled bedhead look. It works well for both ladies with straight and those with curly hair. It is easy to keep as it doesn’t require regular styling. It is such a good feeling to fall asleep with your wet hair and roll out of bed ready for daily chores without touching your hair.

  • Lavender A-Line Look

If you need something with some more extra color, you can opt for lavender when you don’t want silver or gray hair. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it blends perfectly with most skin tones and hair types-it is quite appealing in most of the hair textures.

  • Shaggy Uneven Bob

Sexy and feminine, this bob with subtle tousled curls looks excellent in almost all the colors but looks even stunning with highlights of honey. Besides, side-swept side enhances the flair of the entire style, and the dark base gives depth to this gorgeous beach curls.

  • Blunt Bob With an Angled Side

Short bangs are still trendy, but to maintain the freshness of the look, you can opt for an angled bob on either side to get an asymmetrical edge. Layering and angling are some of the ultimate ways to make blunt bob fashionable and bring out the unique hermaphrodite look of this bob.

  • Deep Red Half Pixie-Bob

The gorgeous maroon hair hue gives an excellent base for an asymmetrical bob. The style has one side that is sharply angled offering a perfect spiky piece that can be highlighted by pomade. The style is also effortless to style as all you require is to run your fingers through the trimmings to make the spiky pieces.

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  • Stacked Haircut for Thick Hair

It takes a lot of courage to have your hair cut from long to short one. However, sometimes you have to do it, especially when your hair is weighing your face down. Face-framing tresses highlight perfectly small face shapes and enhance the structure of the previously lackluster hairstyle.

  • Fiery Red Angled Bob

This layered asymmetrical bob makes any coloring applied to it fun. Artistic angling creates a perfect contrast of the dark roots and the bright trimmings giving out a playful, and movement for a gorgeous look.


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