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Pregnancy and the expectations of an upcoming child in the family brings a lot of joy and hope in the family. An addition in the family members is a wondrous miracle and leads to a beautiful journey for the mother, filled with care and pampering and it is very much required too due to the several risks and complications in pregnancy.

Due to the various risks connected to pregnancy, it is very important to take extra precautions for the safe health of both the mother and the child. All the possibilities of complications should be known beforehand to prevent their occurrence, like high or low blood pressure, fluctuating psychological state of mind, infections, neurological disorders, skin conditions, respiratory problems like pregnancy in asthma and coughing.

Asthma is a chronic lung condition where a person’s airway becomes inflamed, narrow and swollen producing extra mucus which makes it very difficult to breathe. The lung airways consist of a network of tubes enabling the air to move in and out. These airways can shrink due go mucous when the person is exposed to certain asthma triggers such as cold air, tobacco smoke, allergens such as pollen grains and animal dander. Some of the symptoms of asthma which shouldn’t be taken lightly are extreme coughing, especially when laughing and during the night, wheezing or squealing when breathing, tightness in chest, shortness in breathing and unusual fatigue.

If a women is an asthma patient and gets pregnant, special care needs to be taken and proper guidance should be taken to manage the symptoms. A lot of hormonal changes take place during pregnancy and some of them are risky enough to affect the lungs adversely. Pregnant asthma patients can be divided into three segments. The first segment notice their asthma improve during pregnancy, the second segment see little or no change in their situation and the last half can experience more discomfort while being pregnant, which is more likely to happen if the asthma is severe. If the symptoms aren’t well controlled it can cause a lot of complications for the women like vaginal bleeding, severe morning sickness, high blood pressure, premature delivery and problems during labour. The foetus also depends upon the constant supply of oxygen in the mothers  blood to stay healthy and develop properly. Asthma can cause a decrease in oxygen level in the blood to reach the child. It can also increase the chances of need for a Section-C. Hence it is very important to take measures beforehand for asthma when pregnant.

In case of allergies, any contact with allergens should be avoided, potent irritants such as air fresheners should be removed. A minimum of two hours gap should be there between eating and sleep as it can cause acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflex. Specific medications should be avoided like the use of systematic glucocorticoids which is a type of steroid as they increase the risk of infant oral clefts, gestational diabetes and adrenal problems. A doctor of an asthma specialist should always be concerned as taking good care of oneself is the best way to take good care of the child.

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