Toys For Toddlers

Best Active Toys For Toddlers And Preschoolers

For little kids, playing with toys is very important for learning, development, and growth. Choosing the right toys for your baby kid’s age is also very crucial, so make sure you select some of the active toys as well. These types of toys help your kids build motor skills and get physically active, which is very important.

Sand and water play

Every kid loves to play in the water and with sand, and when you combine the two, it can be really fun. You can buy toddler water table at Step2 Direct, and teach your kids what happens when you put water into different shapes. You could also consider getting a sandbox, where your kids will be able to create castles and different shapes.

Toddlers love to play with water and sand, which is why this toy is perfect!


If you live near a park, going out every day with your kids and having some fun there would be a great option. If you are unable to do that because of your work, you could always get some outdoor toys for your yard instead.

For example, getting them a slide would be a good choice because slides tend to keep kids very active. In addition, you could easily move the slide around, and even keep it in the garage. You could also get a swing set and other outdoor playground activity toys!


On the other hand, you could also get a playhouse for your kids, as that will encourage them not only to play outdoors and get active but also use their imaginations. Kids love to create different scenarios in their head and then play it out, which is very important to help build their creativity.

In addition, even if you do not purchase a playhouse, you could always encourage the little ones to create it on their own. This could be fun for the whole family, and kids are able to play house both indoors and outdoors.

Playing house can encourage creative play, and that is very important!

Different sports toys

It is important that you know what kind of activities your kids enjoy, and if you realize that the little ones love to play sports, you could consider getting the quality kids sports toys from Step2 Direct. Of course, take their age into consideration; getting balls, a soccer set, and similar toys could help the little ones stay active.

Teach them to ride a bike

There is a chance that your kids probably have not learned how to ride a bike yet. Kids can learn how to ride a bike even when they are only 3-years-old, and it is always easier to start teaching them when they are young. Buy a bike with training wheels at the beginning, and try encouraging them to take the training wheels off!

Other activities

There are plenty of other activities that kids could enjoy outdoors without any toys. For example, invite their friends over and allow them to use their imagination and come up with their own games, like kids used to do in the past, when the technology was not so advanced.

Final word

If your kids have difficulty wanting to go outdoors, you should start by limiting their TV and PC time, but that does not mean that you should not allow them to watch TV at all. Create a schedule that they need to follow, and help get them interested in outdoor activities. There are a lot of toys that you can purchase that could encourage the little ones to go outside and play!

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