Best Punjabi Dishes to Satisfy Your Tongue

Delicious food and jolly nature are the birth mark of every Punjabi. Most of the dishes are spicy and full of butter. That’s why Punjabi cuisine can be found all over India. Their basic motive is to balance each and every flavour mainly followed traditional cooking style. In this article I am going to present you some of the famous Punjabi dishes before you that are liked by majority of people.

Butter Chicken:

Chicken is quite heavy to digest but that is what Punjabis are famous for. Juicy chicken pieces dipped in butter with exotic flavours of creamy gravy. It’s mouth-watering taste and spiciness is loved everyone. With lightly spiced and paired up with Tandoori bread or butter bread is difficult to resist by anyone.

Punjabi Dishes

Rajma Chawal:

Not only in Punjab Rajma chawal is loved in most of the part of India. Rajma is a whole grain bean rich in iron and proteins whereas Chawal (Rice) are rich in carbohydrates therefore it is complete main course meal for anyone. Tastes best when served hot. It is mainly cooked during weekend during lunch.

Rajma Chawal

Sarso da saag and makke di roti:

Nowadays winter is on its peak, so to tolerate this chilling temperature Punjabis mostly prefer for this rusty and amusing dish. It is the speciality of Punjab. Mustard leaves along with spinach tempered with basic spices tastes delicious and mind lasting. Served along with makke di roti which is made with grinded maize dough is a complete healthy meal.

Sarso da saag and makke di roti

Tandoori chicken:

Tandoori chicken has never disappointed anyone. Its chilly red colour grilled and fried with spices gives exotic taste. Prepared with yoghurt and spices, tandoori chicken is any meat-lovers dream come true.  The thick gravy with amazing flavour will double your hunger and will make sure that you lick your plate clean.

Tandoori chicken

Daal Makhani:

It is the queen of all daal. Made with lentil and thick kidney beans mixed well until its gravy is made. A large amount of butter is added and mixed well. Served along with paranthas and tandoori roti completely satisfies your hunger. For Punjabis it is the easiest way to add a spark to their boring day.

Daal Makhani

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