Best Refrigerators

Best Refrigerators Reviewed and Rated

If you are on a lookout for the right refrigerator, you must be aware of how complex and difficult task it is.  It is going to be an electronic gadget that you are going to use for years to come. The quality of a refrigerator is also important as it is going to be the storage for your food and will have an impact on yours and family’s health. There are numerous options that you can opt for when it comes to the brand variety in the country, but without a doubt, Samsung is the best amongst them.

Let’s have a look at the most cost-effective and some of the most efficient refrigerators that the company has to offer with the refrigerator price list. 

  • Samsung RR20M1Y2XUT HL 

This is a single door refrigerator that has a top freezer. The capacity of the fridge is of 192 Litres, which is good for a small family. The great thing about this specific model is that it has a five-star rating which makes it very energy efficient. It’s a direct cool refrigerator and weighs 32 Kg. Being priced at just INR 16,100 a perfect option for people on a budget.

·  Samsung RT28M3424S8

The double door refrigerator comes with a top freezer. It has a capacity of 253 liters and the body is made up of toughened glass. It comes with a Digital Inverter Compressor It is a frost free type of refrigerator and has a four-star rating which makes it energy efficient.

·   Samsung RT28K3722UT NL:

This frost free refrigerator comes with a capacity of 253 liters. It is a double door fridge and comes with a top freezer. It has three shelves and the body is made up of toughened glass. The only negative is that as it has a 2-star rating, isn’t very energy efficient. Its MRP is INR 28,590 but you will surely get some discount on this one online.

·   Samsung RS21HSTWA1/XTL:

 This double door frost free refrigerator has a capacity of 600 liters which is perfect for large families. It weighs 108 Kg and has 5 shelves. The design of this fridge is luxurious and comes in a few color variants. The price of this refrigerator is INR 84,500 and one of the best in class.

·   Samsung RR20N182ZS8 HL:

This is a single door refrigerator with a capacity of 192 liters. It has a top freezer and comes with a unique moisture control freezer. This is a direct cool type of refrigerator and weighs 32 Kg. It’s priced INR 15,999 and is perfect for people on a budget.

So these were some of the best refrigerators that Samsung makes with a complete review and rating. Whatever your needs might be you will surely be able to find a refrigerator that fits in your budgets and the requirements of the family. Make sure that you do your research really well while buying a refrigerator and keep the features and needs in mind.

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