best cooking oil

Top 10 best cooking oil for your health

Cooking oil is very important and you need to carefully chooseone to keep yourself healthy. There are many edible oils available on the market and you should know which one will give you the maximum health benefits. In this article, we are giving you information about the ten best cooking oil that is available in […]

chicken curries

Variety of chicken curries

Chicken is the best comfort food you can ever have if you are non-vegetarian. You take some chicken curry and some plain rice and you are sorted for your lunch or for dinner. There are numerous chicken curry variations that you can try and each one of them tastes delicious. You can go for butter […]

Dieting the Right Answer

Is Dieting the Right Answer?

The word ‘diet’ makes some people groan and the gym fanatics whoop in victory. Dieting is the norm of today’s world, and we all know someone who is dieting. In many cases the rigorous diet regiment does wonders, but in many cases, people end up slacking and their diet plan goes down the drain. There […]


Best Punjabi Dishes to Satisfy Your Tongue

Delicious food and jolly nature are the birth mark of every Punjabi. Most of the dishes are spicy and full of butter. That’s why Punjabi cuisine can be found all over India. Their basic motive is to balance each and every flavour mainly followed traditional cooking style. In this article I am going to present […]

Delicious cake
Event Food

Enjoy the Party with a Delicious cake

The birthday whether it is first or any other, it is own or some of the family members, the celebration is there. However, the celebration of a birthday needs to be well planned, and the same rule applies to the party as well. If one wants to have a good and memorable party, the planning […]