lumbar spinal stenosis

Definition of lumbar spinal stenosis

In this day and age pain in the lower back has become widespread and a lot of people keep on complaining about the same. The tapering associated with the spinal canal gives rise to compression of the nerves which travel from your lower back towards the legs. This condition is called as lumbar spinal stenosis. It is the main reason behind the persistence of pain in the lower back. The condition is also found in young people, but normally it can be noticed in elderly patients who are in their 60s or above. In older patients, it is caused due to a degenerative condition.

 Because of aging, the disc of the patient turns less spongy which causes the height of the disc to reduce. It gives rise to bulging and hardening of your disc which brushes with the spinal canal. Lumbar spinal stenosis has been categorized into two kinds such as congenital which is found at birth and degenerative that is related to age. The latter is most widespread as compared to former. It is very easy to undergo lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in India as the costs are low.

Symptoms related to lumbar spinal stenosis

The symptoms associated with lumbar spinal stenosis may be noticed as the back of the patient is in a stretched condition. It can also be noticed as the patient is standing upright or walks. If the patient leans forward or sits, he feels some relief. Below are enumerated a few symptoms that can pass from the lower back onto the patient’s legs.

A patient may feel numbness and weakness, or it may become hard to balance. He has stiffness or some kind of cramping pain. He feels an uneasy tingling sensation, or it can be a needle or pins sensation.

Causes responsible for lumbar spinal stenosis

Arthritis is considered to be the widespread cause of this spinal stenosis. The condition related to arthritis can be seen as the disc undergoes degeneration and there is a reduction of water content as well. In children and younger adults, this water content is found in high quantity. Due to the natural aging process, the water dries up as well as it makes the disc weak. Given to all these reasons, the spaces in the disc collapse and its space height gets reduced. Many various conditions may impact lumbar spinal stenosis that can diminish the space found in the spinal canal or vertebral foramen like:

 Various metabolic disorders which can cause Paget’s disease related to bones or some kind of infection. The existence of the tumors in the structures that are responsible in making of the spinal canal.

Making a diagnosis of the lumbar spinal stenosis

The thorough physical examination along with the history of the affected person is appraised. The intensity of the disease together with the incidence of weakness or numbness can be evaluated by undertaking the physical examination of the patient. The affected people with cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis are needed to go through the tests such as a CT scan, or another one can be MRI scan together with a myelogram.

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