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Event Promotion: Top 15 Creative Ways To Market Your Event Inexpensively

Organizing an event is a daunting task if you do not have a strategy. It becomes easy when you have a plan and a team to implement it. An event is successful when you target the right audience and convince them to attend it. This is when event marketing comes into play.

  • Objective Of Event Marketing

It includes reaching the masses and targeting the right audience. Bringing people to the venue is no more a major objective of event organizers. An event attended by thousands with attendees isn’t successful if people are not interested in what the organizers are showing them. Today, the main goal of event marketing is to make people interested in the organizers’ services.

  • 15 Creative Ways To Market Your Event Inexpensively

You should start promoting your event several weeks prior to the date. It allows you to cover more audience and try different tactics to encourage them to attend your event. There are several online and offline methods of event promotion. It doesn’t mean you should invest in all of them. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on implementing promotional techniques, you should use creative yet inexpensive ways to target your audience.

Here are 15 creative ways to market your event without blowing your budget:

1. Traditional Marketing Approaches

Traditional marketing is still alive! Although many of the traditional promotional techniques are expensive, there are some cost-effective approaches which are still effective to advertise your event. Press release, brochures, pamphlets, and billboards are some traditional marketing approaches to reach the potential audience.

2. Social Media

Promoting your event on social media websites- including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others- is one of the easiest ways to reach the target audience. You can engage people with interesting posts and encourage them to tell their friends about your event.

3. Get Help From Masses

When people sign up for your event, encourage them to do the promotion for you. Ask them to share details about the event with their social media friends and people in the real world.

4. Contact Local Businesses

Local businesses will have prominent people in the neighborhood who can help you reach more people and encourage them to attend your event. Invite these influential individuals to your event and attract their followers.

5. Write A Blog

The Internet has countless ways to spread a word among the masses, and blogging is one of them. It doesn’t matter if it is a short-term event promotion or you want to organize it for a long time, a blog can help you in many ways. It should be focused on your event. Share details, educate attendees, and entertain them.

6. Promote The Performers

If a renowned personality is going to attend your event, use their experience to bring more attendees to the venue. On different promotional platforms, share about the performers and interesting facts about them.

7. Get Testimonials From Attendees

If it’s an annual event, get a help from last year’s attendees to make improvements this year. Ask your regular attendees about their experience and how much fun they had last year.

8. Distribute Free Passes/Tickets

Giving away free tickets is an effective way to bring many individuals to the venue. You can distribute free passes/tickets to your regular clients. You can also start a quiz where some lucky winners will get free tickets or special passes for the event.

9. Find Corporate Sponsors

This method of event marketing is beneficial for you and the sponsors. It will not just promote your event but also give an opportunity to your corporate sponsors to market their services.

10. Attend Local Events

An existing event will give you an opportunity to address a huge crowd without making special efforts. You can contact local non-profit organizations and event management companies to make announcements about your upcoming event.

11. Distribute Fashion Accessories

Everyone loves a free gift. You can make it interesting for receivers by making it a fashionable accessory. Get some customized products like t-shirts, caps, and glow in the dark wristbands, and distribute them to your clients or the public.

12. Use Search Engine Optimization

If you have several weeks to promote your event, then use search engine optimization (SEO) to make your event popular online. You may hire an SEO expert to spread a word about your event on the World Wide Web.

13. Visit People In Neighborhood

You, your team, and friends can spend some hours a day visiting people in the neighborhood and telling them about your upcoming event. Walk every door and encourage them to learn something new through the event.

14. Use E-mail Marketing

You can reach many people personally without visiting them one-on-one. Collect data on your potential audience’s e-mails and send them a personal e-mail to attend the event.

15. Use Infographics

Use your products or the last event’s fun facts to create interesting infographics. If people find the infographics good, then they may share them with their friends.


These are 15 cost-effective yet creative ways to market your event. You can use them to boost your promotion strategy and bring more people to your event. 


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