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Fruit Juices Are Not As Healthy As You Think

Do you think fruit juices are healthy? If you are a person who is conscious about health, then it is time you rethink about having a fruit juice. Research shows that a glass of fruit juice contains about 8 tbps of sugar! This is indeed a bad news for those with diabetes as it will further worsen the problem. While eating whole fruits reduces the risk of diabetes, drinking fruit juices in fact induces diabetes. Even though many companies market fruit juices as “100% natural”, they are still made with artificial sweeteners and chemicals that are not good for health.

Fruit Juices are Unhealthy – A Shocking Truth

In general, fruit juices are considered very healthy due to their high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Fruit juices are rich in fructose, the sugary substance that is processed by the liver. As excess amount of fructose enter the body, the liver processes the sugar and converts it into fat. This process results in fat buildup and increases calories that are dangerous for those with diabetes. The popular fruit juices that are lined up in our kitchen shelf are indeed artificial sweeteners that cause harm to our body.

Most of the fruit juices undergo pasteurization process for bacterial removal. This indeed removes all the essential nutrients that are good for digestion and proper functioning of the body systems. Whether the juice comes in a carton or a bottle, it has lot of negative effects than positive. Lack of fibre is one of the demerits of consuming juice. In most of the cases, the fruit that is consumed as such will give a full feeling and one cannot have more. This is not the case with fruit juice as it makes you crave for more. This will lead to increase in calories, which can turn into a serious problem later on.

Harmful effects of processed juices

Some of the people who do not have time to buy fruits often opt for processed fruits. These are available in all the stores and they come in different flavors. One can buy guava juice, orange, grapes, mangoes, etc. No matter how hygienically the fruit juices are prepared, they will contain artificial preservatives that are not good for health. And also, the juices will be packed long back and they may lose the nutritional value by the time they are available to the customers.

Artificial Fruit Juices Induces Weight Gain

When we drink fruit juices, the fructose hits the blood stream directly and induces the production of insulin. Further, as there is not fiber content, the stomach does not fill up and induces craving for more food. This will result in more food intake leading to weight gain. Overweight is one of the major causes for various health problems that include heart failure, arthritis, high blood pressure, infertility, diabetes, and other related diseases.

Diabetes patients in particular should avoid taking fruit juices to keep the blood sugar under control. Instead of fruit juices, they can intake whole fruits which will not increase the blood sugar level. Further, patients who suffer from diabetes can also opt for protein and milkshakes to maintain their sugar level. In addition to diabetes, fruit juices can also take a toll on your dental health. Too much sugar can induce the growth of bacteria and lead to mouth ulcers, cavities, bad breath and other related dental problems.

Fruit Juice and Heart Disease – A Dangerous Combination

Some people may not be aware of the fact that high intake of sugar will lead to heart related problems. Studies show that constant intake of fruit juices will increase the blood pressure leading to serious heart problems such as stroke and heart attacks. To maintain proper health, it is a must to intake fruit juices that do not cause damage to the heart.

How Fruit Juice Induce Hair Loss

Strange as it may sound, researchers believe that regular intake of fruit juices will pave way to hair loss. Those who take fruit juices regularly have a wrong idea that it may help maintain a proper health. On the contrary, regular intake of fruit juices will lead to hair loss, dry skin and loss of energy. Apart from this, having fruit juice will also slow down your metabolism. In order to maintain a healthy body, it is mandatory to intake fresh fruits as a whole instead of taking them in the liquid form.

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