roghan oil

How roghan oil can be great

When it comes to almond oil, they are mainly available in 2 variants and they are bitter and sweet. The bitter almond oil is derived from the bitter almonds and they are not safe to be taken internally. On the other hand, the sweet almond oil is extracted from the edible almonds and they can be used for intake, skin care, hair care and many more.

The herbal badam roghan oil is mainly the sweet almond oil and they do have a lot of skin and health benefits. it is said to be a sweet oil with some thick consistency and here are some benefits of it.

  • The roghan oil is a very deep moisturising almond oil and this can make the skin soft and supple. This can work very well as a massage oil for both the body and the face. If one has a dry skin then it can be a great thing to use on a regular basis. One can apply them after bath or before going to bed and they can see that the dryness is gone after a few weeks.
  • This can be for treating the under eye dark circles. One can put some oil on the finger tips and then gently massage it under the eye area and rub it a bit. Then one can go to sleep and the next morning they can see the dark circles to be gone.
  • This oil can be great when it comes to reducing hair fall. In monsoon one do suffers lot from dandruff. So, if one can mix this oil with olive oil and coconut oil and massage the scalp and the hair length then one can get rid of dandruff easily. One needs to keep the oil for 30 minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo.
  • One can take 5 to 6 drops of almond oil in a glass of hot milk and then drink it at night before going to bed. This can strengthen the brain and nerves.
  • This oil can be a great remedy to cure constipation. If one is suffering from irregular bowels then they can consume this oil directly on an everyday basis till the thing gets cured.
  • If one has brittle and dry nails then one can use this oil to massage the nails. Before going to bed every night, one can massage this oil on the nails and go to sleep. This will definitely boost the growth of nails.
  • Apart from skin and health care, one can also use them in the food preparations. This oil can be used as a salad dressing which can enhance the taste and the vitamin E present in it can make the salad healthier.
  • One can also have them with milk every night for an overall health benefits.

The badam roghan almond oil is a great product which has multipurpose benefits and one can use them both externally and internally. They can be very good.

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