Holiday Recipes For This Christmas
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Most-loved Holiday Recipes For This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and people are ready to deck up the Christmas tree in their room. All the sparking stars, Christmas balls, false snowflakes are ready to decorate your room. Why wait? Arrange a lovely Christmas party at home and celebrate with your closed ones.

If you are in the mood to cook at home this holiday, then check out top 10 holiday recipes for Christmas.

Sticky bourbon BBQ wings with blue cheese dip

Here one needs some cool blue cheese and some soured cream dips. These will take the edge of heat in the sauce. One has to dip the chicken wings in some celery and radishes as well.

Smoked cheese in blankets

Make your Christmas buffet look unique with this dish. They have smoky cheese bites and those are wrapped in pancetta with some springs of rosemary. You have to serve it hot so that the guests can get the best taste of it.

 Spiced pea & courgette fritters with minty yogurt dip

This can be a perfect snack to start your party. One can make this and keep ready ahead of time. You can sprinkle some crunchy onions on top of it and server with some mint yogurt dips.

Christmas ceviche with guacamole

If you get some smoked salmon into it, it will definitely give you some festive taste. Add some dips with it and then serve.

Baked Camembert dough ball platter

If you have a party which comprises a lot of people, then go for this dish. This is a perfect stomach filling one and serves a lot of people. This is a share dough ball platter and one can serve some rosemary spiked cheese and some spicy dipping with it.

Sea Bass with Citrus Salsa

This is a perfect recipe for a fancy dinner. Sea bass is a very mildly flavoured fish and so many people can eat them without any hesitation. It also has a buttery quality in it. One can use a lot of sauce, green and red bell peppers and some chillies to make it taste differently.

Rice Pudding

This can be a perfect dessert item in your party. Though it is a Christmas party and ideally a Christmas cake should be there but there is no harm in serving more than one dessert, right?  You need a slow cooker and some almond flakes for this. This one is a gluten free porridge kind if a dish where lots of dry fruits can be added with a pinch of cinnamon.

Kebab Platter

If you want to go for some authentic Indian dishes, then this can be the perfect one for your party. There are hardly any people who do not love to eat kebabs. So you can easily go for it. There is no need to stick to a particular variety. If you are not being able to decide among Galouti Kebabs, Reshmi Kebabs, Tikka Kebabs and Hara Bharas, then keep a bit of everything.

Do not forget to bake or order a Christmas cake!

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