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What Makes Kent Water Purifiers the Best Option in the Indian Market?

Many factors like oil pollution, industrialization, sewage and waste water have led to contamination of the natural water sources that supplied water to homes for drinking and other purposes. It is an absolute necessity to install a water purifier so that you can drink pure water and cook food with the same water.

In spite of so many contenders in the market that offer water purifiers in India, Kent has time and again proved to be the ultimate option for prospective buyers who are looking for a water purifier. Water purifiers from this brand come integrated with all the advanced technologies that make the user experience absolutely incredible. What is it that makes Kent water purifiers the best option in the Indian market? Read on to find out!

Global Certifications

While buying products, customers tend to check the certifications of the product that claim the quality. Kent has left no stone unturned in obtaining accreditations and certifications from International bodies such as WQA, ISI, CE and NSF. This makes Kent water purifiers one of the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

Latest Technology

Kent is one of the few brands that keeps updating their water purifiers to be more effective and environment-friendly at every point of time. For example, Kent Supreme is the first water purifier in the world with less water wastage. It also has the latest TDS controller, which helps the water purifier to retain the essential minerals present in the water. Kent has also taken care to ensure that its purifiers retain the taste and odour of water, making Kent the best brand for water purifiers in India.

Purifiers with Different Purification Technologies for Different Water Supplies

Irrespective of the kind of water that is supplied in your area, you can find a purifier with the right purification technology to get rid of all kinds of impurities. For example, Kent offers UV and UF water purifiers to get rid of bacteria and viruses present in water. It also offers RO purifiers for treating water that has dissolved impurities in addition to bacteria and viruses. So, it’s easy for buyers to find the right water purifier to meet their needs.

Wide Range of Choices

Whether you want to buy RO purifier, UV purifier or UF purifiers, Kent offers such a lot of choices that no other brand offers. It’s easy for buyers to find a water purifier that meets their needs and budget.

Service Quality and Ease of Use

The services rendered by Kent are of premium quality. Customers can always seek help for maintenance and they can opt for getting it fixed for free if the product is under warranty period, which is usually till 1 year from the date of purchase.

These are few of the aspects that have made Kent water purifiers stand out from the rest of the brands. If you want to buy water purifiers in India, look no beyond the reputed brand Kent.

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