Edgy Shoulder Length Haircuts for Your Next Style

Six Wavy and Edgy Shoulder Length Haircuts for Your Next Style

Shoulder length haircuts are here again but this time much amazing.If you are a fashion-fun and you want to stay unique, many length haircuts will make you achieve that. Our gallery features some beautiful cuts that are currently trending especially in extended curl hairstyles entirely different from the traditional haircuts,

The colours of these haircuts have also been uniquely blended by professional colourists to make the hair unusually fresh and stunning.So, if you don’t like your current haircut, or you want to try something new, I assure you, you will get two or more shoulder length haircuts her that will be exciting for you

  • Hairy Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyles-Hazelnut Roots And Beige Ombre

When this hairstyle is mentioned, I know you think of that conventional long hair. No, it has upgraded to something different, original and new. The roots have been augmented with light brown color avoiding the use of the thick natural colour. At its trimmings, the style has embraced the golden beige blonde.

  • Bright Copper On Distinct Twists-Wavy Shoulder Haircut

The shoulder length haircuts look great in fine, medium hair since it increases the volume of the hair and adds to its deep colour. The shape of this cut is reversed bob with bottom line ragged bring out the half-baked bends. The dark color which forms the base of the hair is augmented with the balayage ombre to make it livelier.

  • Messy Unfinished Bob With Twists And Spiny Tips
With Twists And Spiny Tips
Twists And Spiny

This style has a trimmed ending at the lower line of the hair implying it is an ‘alternative’ style look. The style is made even sexier and feminine by the reversed bob. The collision between the textured tips and the uneven bottom is another new idea which makes this haircut unique and modern.

Also, the unkempt look, honey-blonde balayage and stunning shades of silky beige make this hairstyle incredibly sexy.

  • Copper –Orange and Blonde Balayage.

The new idea of augmenting the blonde balayage to the copper hair is a strange new development for shoulder length haircuts never witnessed before. However, when you see the beauty brought about by this style, you will like to test it in disbelief.

Years ago, hair specialists considered natural copper hair as an independent color that didn’t require any other color for it to be outstanding. But things have tremendously changed and taken a new turn. This trend bobby has highlights of wavy layers, edge –cut nape and trimmed bends that apparently has made the hairstyle quite distinctive.

  • ‘Urban Decay’ Red, And Blue –Gray Balayage.

This stunning haircut contains a unique combo color such as red, white and blue that creates an apocalypse feel. The colors bring out vividly the suggestions of faded facades and demolished structures in the nearby urban neighborhoods. The colorist is a jack of all trades!

  • Vertical Blonde –Pink Highlights On Paprika Base.

This new blend is another common color for ladies with warm skin tones. It is a great way to make the shades trendy and cool and boost the style of the hair by swapping the natural shade such as dark blonde to get that romantic color.

The texture and flexibility of the hair are enhanced by several augmented shades.By adding pink on the front highlights the sleek curls and the uneven tips!

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