Maintain Good health of your Spine

Tips to follow for Maintain Good health of your Spine

Some of the serious spine conditions may take a much longer time to get diagnosed. In few cases you may also have to suffer from severe back pain conditions. Most people try and overlook this condition while they are busy with their regular life routines.

In this blog you will find some most important tips that you can follow to treat this condition on your own.

Sleep comfortably

The moment you sleep down it is obvious that your spine and entire body gets relaxed. To effectively relax for long hours you may need a comfortable pillow and mattress. It should offer with maximum support to your spine region. You can make the selection of the ideal mattress and pillow based on your likes and convenience.  You also have to make the selection of a very comfortable sleeping position depending on your body structure.


It is important to exercise your abdominal and abs muscles on regular basis. This will make then strong and subtle. It will also help in eliminating excess pressure from your spine area.

More number of people hardly make use of their core muscles during the day. This makes the exercise session more important. It is ideal for you to exercise at least 30 minutes on daily basis to maintain flexibility.

Make right selection of your shoes

It is obvious that when running or walking your shoes are designed to offer maximum support to your back and lower spine. It is advisable to try and select shoes that are very much comfortable. They should offer your body with perfect alignment. You can also collect detailed information about god shoes from experts when approaching for best spine surgery hospital in India.

Try and select shoes that offers with snug fit at the heel area for support.

Get regular sessions of massage

Massage is one treatment that will offer with numerous health benefits. It is also effective in stress relief management. A perfect session of massage will improve the blood flow in your body. It also acts as a natural type of pain killer. It is help you focus more on meditations rather than medications. It will also promote the body natural healing procedure.

In case you don’t have the time to visit the massage therapist on regular basis then you can also try and purchase a massage chair at your office or home. 30 minutes of massage on daily basis can help cure back pain to a much greater extent.

Follow right sitting posture

The moment you sit your spine undergoes more pressure as compared to standing position. So the moment you have to sit in one chair for longer time then you may experience more back pain. The moment you are working on a computer or sitting at the receptionist chair you are more prone to stoop for longer hours. This will only help in increasing more body stress.

It is advisable to make selection of ideal chair if you spend more time sitting. It should offer your back with desired level of support. It should help support and get accustomed to natural body curves.

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