Automation in Healthcare

Use of AI, ML, Automation in Healthcare

You know that Artificial Intelligence and Automation are part of many fields these days. Are they used in healthcare? Let us find out in this content.

The influx of the new technologies has left no stones unturned in many industries as most of us know. Are you thinking about healthcare? It is no different. Specifically, in the case of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, medical and life insurance companies, hospitals and doctors associated with this industry are experiencing a great impact. In most instances, they are experiencing a positive impact and substantially better than many other industries.

According to a study conducted by a company, nearly 86% of the healthcare providing organizations, technology vendors and life science companies use AI Technology in one way or another. The study further shows that these companies will spend an average of $54 million on the projects related to this technology by the year 2020. Here are some of the common ways in which the healthcare industry is benefiting from automation, ML and AI:

For the management of medical records:

The initial step in healthcare is the compilation and analysing of information like medical records and past history. Digital automation and artificial intelligence are widely used in the effective management of data. Robots are efficient enough in gathering, storing, re-formatting and even in the tracing of data to offer quicker and more consistent access when they are needed in the healthcare domain.

Diagnosing diseases made easier:

The success of treating any illness relies on the way it is diagnosed. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are widely used in the medical field for diagnosing diseases. Studies show that the errors in diagnosing diseases play a major role in around 10 per cent of deaths of patients. To avoid this, robots are doing a great job in the right diagnosis of conditions, such that doctors are able to provide the right treatment.

For doing repetitive tasks:

Similar to other fields, there are some repetitive tasks to be performed in the healthcare industry as well. For instance, CT Scans X-Rays and analysing tests are conducted in the same manner in all patients. In these tasks, artificial intelligence is doing an excellent job in the healthcare domain. Radiology and cardiology in the medical field are the two sub-fields, where a lot of data should be handled and for these fields, artificial intelligence with human inference is going to do a great job for sure.

For bringing down non-adherence of medication:

Some years ago, only a few people were taking at least a single prescription medicine in a day. But, this number is increasing with the many lifestyle diseases like blood pressure and diabetes that needs regular medication. In addition to an increase in the number of people taking daily at least a single prescription drug, there is a considerable increase in the number of prescription medicines taken in a single day. To guide patients in adhering to the prescription drugs, artificial intelligence is widely used in the medical field.

There are many other uses of the state-of-the-art AI Technology and new ways of using this technology will emerge in the medical field. So, those thinking about a great career in the healthcare domain can consider learning AI says career expert Mr Mukesh Maheshwari.

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