chicken curries

Variety of chicken curries

Chicken is the best comfort food you can ever have if you are non-vegetarian. You take some chicken curry and some plain rice and you are sorted for your lunch or for dinner. There are numerous chicken curry variations that you can try and each one of them tastes delicious. You can go for butter chicken or for tikka masala or just a plain homemade one with gravy and some potatoes; each goes well with rice.

Whenever there is an occasion or party at home, making any kind of chicken dish can be the perfect crowd pleaser.  One can make curries with juicy pieces of chicken or fry the meat chunks to make a finger licking snacks; everything goes well in the party.

In each state of India, chicken is cooked with their regional spices and flavours. The local dish of chicken which is mostly cooked all over India is the famous curry or the ‘kari’ which is a Tamil word and it means sauce. This dish was mainly originated during the Indus civilisation (according to the food experts) and then it travelled beyond boundaries and became popular in India. The best thing about curry is, it can adopt any flavour and that is why; each part of India has adopted it in their own way. Some are creamy; some are loaded with ghee or butter, some use garam masala while others prefer a tangy taste by using tamarind in it. In northern and eastern part of India people make chicken curry by using garam masala, but when you move to the western part of the country, you can find that they use poppy seeds in their chicken curry. Again, if you come down to south, then you will find profuse use of coconut milk and grated coconut in the curries. Also, the cooking medium also differs from one place to another. Some use ghee or clarified butter, some use vegetable oil or mustard oil and some use coconut oil or groundnut oil.

Famous Chicken recipes

But yes, cooking a chicken curry is a skill. Here the meat has to be cooked very delicately, and then, it has to be simmered slowly in the gravy. It is a good idea to cook the base or the gravy separately and the chicken pieces separately before you mix them and cook for a while. This will help the flavours to sip in properly.

Spicy Malvani Chicken Curry

It is a fiery chicken curry which is mainly cooked in coconut oil. But the best part of this curry is the freshly made Malvani masala which is exclusive.

Butter Chicken

This dish has its origin in Punjab. Here the chicken pieces are marinated overnight and then roasted properly. Once it is done, they are cooked in tomato puree, masalas and some cream, this one is a perfect heart winner.

 You can also make the Bengali style chicken curry with sliced potatoes and pair it with a plate of steamed rice. The best part is that you can all types of Chicken recipes in Hindi on the various recipe portals.

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