Vintage Candle Holders

Vintage Candle Holders: A Canvas Filled with Beauty & Grace

The need for candle holders come from the need to safely place candles to illuminate the surrounding space. Also, there is nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner with your loved one, hence the presence of attractive candle holders is surely required.

Usefulness of Candles & Candle Holders

It is interesting to know that, candles can work to evoke calmness of mind and are preferred by people who wish to stay away from that irritated surrounding with an entry into a meditative state. You can surely prefer scented or colorful candles for such purposes. Hence, you can check out compatible handmade candle holders in accordance with the candles you possess in order to beautify your home décor.

Types of Vintage Candle Holders

Are you clueless about which candle holder to buy? Are you in search for more options? Vintage candle holder designs can work wonderfully to please the viewers. Here are some prime handmade vintage candle holder varieties which can be bought without much hesitation.


Candle holders vary depending on the buyer’s need and the count of candles it can hold. Candlesticks are seen as a striking variety of vintage candle holders which are used since ages. This version is used for holding only a single candle. Further, the vintage Egyptian glass candlesticks can work to offer magnificence to your home ambiance. On the other hand, if you wish to decorate your restaurant with beautiful candles, then you can opt for handmade painted candlesticks which can bring more elegance to the overall interior.


The presence of chandeliers is usually seen in huge vintage style halls, churches and mosques. This variety is meant to light up the whole room with its mind blowing refraction effect. At the domestic level, you can prefer chandeliers to decorate your drawing room, and can combine it with ancient Egyptian style candle holders.


This variety of candle holder is purely vintage and those who wish to have a taste for classic home decor, can surely consider an ancient Egyptian style candle holder. Candelabra is mainly used on dining tables or also on study tables. If you desire to illuminate the room or pool with an attractive candle light to cherish a romantic dinner, a candelabra can perfectly complete this job.

The use of candle holders is considered classy and mesmerizing complementing it with large decorative  styles of wall clocks . Further, the presence of vintage candle holder functions to offer superb appeal to your living space. You can access interesting candle holder designs at Make Vana, without much hassle. This portal has successfully pulled a major customer base due to its quality products and striking pricing.

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