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What is an alternative prom?

As per the popular Newton theory – every action has got an equal and opposite reaction. This simply means that any act is not absolute and it is always going to be opposed by some people in some way or the other. This theory can be applied to prom as well. There are people were not comfortable with the concept of Prom And they try to find an alternative for it. So they form a group and protest against it and in order to show their discontent with Prom they arrange an alternative event which is M O R P or opposite of the word P RO M

Prom is more of a formal event which has got the disciplinary and formality associated with it. They might be certain students or other people in the staff that are not really compatible with this kind of formal behavior. So they arrange an alternating event that is got almost like Prom kind of activities but it is less formal in terms of dress, dancing and other activities.

This does not mean that MORP is very different from PROM, the event is still all about social gathering, partying and dancing , but in a different way –  a more informal and casual way. You are still going to be dressed up if not like properly as in Prom buy you are still going to look out for some casual dresses or formal Dresses for juniors according to your own taste and comfort zone. You cannot dance in party hard that subjects you to a lot of rules, codes and discipline as is in case of a prom event. This is probably the reason that people prefer to participate in an anti Prom event. They like their freedom too much that they are not looking for any disciplinary bar as prom does.

<p> To summarize, an anti Prom event might look like something that is exactly opposite to Prom but however, it is not that case. It is just protest and an alternative to Prom activity involved in that event ; it involves all the Prom activities like wearing some cool Prom Dresses 2019, blasting the scene with dance party etc. but in more casual and informal manner.

  So if you want to join an upcoming Prom or anti Prom for that matter, you still need to dress properly and prepare you dance steps. If you want to avoid heavy spending on dresses then you can also find some nice cheap Prom Dresses online. It depends on your own personality and differences to the select Prom or an alternative Prom. In any case, you should simply enjoy the event in which you participate and try to enjoy the time spent there as much as you can.

That is what ultimately mothers at the end of the day and that is what is the most important thing in life as well. If you need more information on this topic, then you can enquire about it from your friends or search on it on Google. Internet will provide you enough information on the subject.  Visit to have a look at quality Prom dresses.

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